Managing Change with resilience

Recently, in several conversations with operations managers and sales managers of distribution companies, we have discussed around the management of sales territories. The opinion has usually arisen that things are fine, changes are not necessary. Why change?

We all know that the human being usually refuses changes, even though it may be for the better. The beginning of the transformation in the process, change is perceived as disruptive, generates uncertainties and therefore is avoided. However, in today’s world, we face this process every day, consciously or not. Like it or not, it is necessary. In fact, it is the guarantee of our future existence ….

The reality is that the situation of the market, our competition, new products within our portfolio, the existence of new customers or changes in our sales force, entails a change in the situation and the solutions that were probably valid previously are no longer. In addition, we need to evaluate scenarios efficiently and helps prepare us for change to cope with uncertainty.

Of course there are exceptions, but when the implementation of this type of solutions systematically increases more than 20% in effectiveness, reduce costs and above all the reduction of uncertainty and doubt without additional investments in technology, Then I have no doubt, you have to try it.

Try it